Top 5 Games Played On The XBox

Xbox is the most trending gaming consoles like its rivals Play Station. It is a fun experience and it does not only target gamers but also family and to family time spend together. There are various games which can be played on the Xbox and this article will tell you what games to play and what games will make you want more of the gaming experience. This is not limited to any age group but can equally be done by many people whatever may be their likes and type. So let’s get to our top 5 games.

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Games Played On The XBox

Top 5 Games Played On The XBox

  1. Rise Of The Tomb Raider

We have all seen the movie and Angelina Jolie played a brilliant role as Lara Croft. This is your chance to shine as the protagonist and how you can get involved with the greatest gaming experience. At first the story seems rather plain and not at all gripping but as we go further we realize that it is the precedent to the whole gaming experience. The game gets very interesting with the add ons and the various new game features and the best is taking down zombies and swamp witches. It is a great game and it slowly gets you addicted to it.

  1. Cuphead

This does not seem like a gamer’s kind of game but let me warn you are going to like it a lot. These have gorgeous and colourful backgrounds and it has a brilliant sound track. This shoot em up feature converts players into perfectionists. It is a game of concentration, precision and timing. You cannot wait until you beat the next boss and it is a ever so addictive game.

  1. Hitman

The simple set up of this game leads to a difficult plot and makes it all the more complex. This is an assassination game and mind you it is not in the battle field but in very realistic places like the fashion show or the posh villa or the very normal yet elite places. You enter each level with a target and you are to show case you assassination skills there. There are various tough challenges and there are player made challenges and miss and you fail challenges which make it all the more exciting. The plot is super satisfying and you can always explore and exploit as you like.

  1. Inside

These are rather unique yet breathe taking puzzle game. It is set in the 2D puzzle platformer and wrings it for three hours. It is ever so filled with surprises in every turn. I would not like to spoil the game for you; you must certainly check it out yourself. It has a brilliant pace and the best part is that it is horrifying, engrossing and brilliant. It is one of the best games and works on all Xbox systems. Just get the game and play it and like it.

  1. The Witness

The situation is that you are on a lone island surrounded and stuck with puzzles. It is highly complicating but yet very simple. Some games are so simple that you find it that hard to figure it out. It is mostly right before your eyes and really pays with your mind. The slow unveiling of each puzzle will lay down before you as the perfect plot and give you great satisfaction. You can upgrade your character and upgrade your level to unveil your ultimate game by solving puzzles. Well a new door opens every time and solving puzzles will work with your thinking and actively indulge you in the game.

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