Top 10 Animated Movies To Watch Of 2017

Animation has been rising since the time we were first introduced to moving pictures. It has become a very popular kind and way of entertainment for us. It doesn’t matter whether a kid is watching the movie or an adult, we all enjoy it equally. These movies have the special powers to attract every crowd no matter what the subject is concerned about. The characters are virtual, but they can easily grow emotions into us better than even real human characters. So here we list ten of the best animated movies:

Top Animated Movies To Watch 2017

Top 10 Animated Movies To Watch

  1. The Lion King

    This was Disney’s masterpiece that has been an age old favorite for every kid and their parents. It has amazing characters with a plot that should be watched at least once in your life. The feels get better because of the great music. The moral values, ethics, and love of the movie is still praised and will always be a crowd favorite. Also, everyone cries once they watch it!

    Animated Movies

  2. How to Train Your Dragon

    The last on our list but a favorite of people and is rated pretty high too. People often get confused but the name but don’t decide or judge until you have actually watched the movie with your eyes. The visuals, comedy and the action included in this animated movie are great!

    How to Train Your Dragon

  3. Spirited Away

    We all know what wonders Pixar stories have done and are doing through their works. Now spirited away is one of those amazing works they have done. This film has an awesome plot with such messages that would blow your mind off. This movie takes you on a ride of your lifetime. The music and the originality of the story will amaze you to such extents you’ll be shocked.

    Spirited Away

  4. Up

    This is a movie that will make you want to watch it every single day after you have watched it one time. The squirrels are so cute, and the way they will talk will melt your heart at extremities. It is one of those movies that touch your heart in few minutes after the start. It is truly exceptional.


  5. Toy Story

    This animated movie tells you about how immense and amazing a friendship can be. The movie also has some great adult humor and fun. Pixar has made some great movies in their times, and this is surely one of them! Call it a movie about bonding, a movie about friendship or parting ways. You’ll get everything.

    Toy Story

  6. The Simpsons Movie

    Again one of those movies that never gets old. It is filled with humor and fun from the start until the end. This is spring fields one of the finest creations on the big screen. The climax is also a great position where the story has its own terms.

    The Simpsons movie

  7. Finding Nemo

    This movie has a place on top of all the movies. It’s a bittersweet story with all the overflowing emotions and the major importance of relationships that is shown. The way a father is protecting the egg and raising it as a grown up and then goes on a mission to find that kid when he is lost in the sea will give you some real life emotions. Also, teaches us why we should always value our near and dear ones.

    Finding Nemo

  8. Wall-E

    This is a simple yet a very effective animated movies when it is telling its story. This would probably be the cutest robot that was ever designed. The love of the robot for this planet was portrayed so well that is a crowd pleaser in the first place itself! This has lots and lots of places where you are forced to think.

    Wall E

  9. Toy Story 3

    After Toy Story, this was another creation of the same storyboard that was causing a buzz in the people. Its story, its animation, its characters, the connections, etc. were all so perfect that the plot was even better than the first and the second one. It is a must watch and even can be included in a binge-watching session.

    Toy Story 3

  10. Shrek

    Shrek is a living example of how cute animated monsters can be. This is a very good stress buster. A green monster with ears shaped like an antenna. Watch with kids and friends to enjoy to the fullest.


This is all about the animated movies. We all watch general movies with real life characters but creating such magic with cartoon characters is another form of art. And these are some of the examples of how beautiful it can be.

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